Remote Cam

Application for recording videos and broadcasting them between remote Android and iOS devices.

App features

The icon for video modes Use two video modes for continuous recording, and for reacting to the movement in a video frame.
The icon for IP camera Use your iOS or Android device as an IP-cam for remote monitoring and video surveillance.
The icon for connection Connect to other devices for broadcasting. You can get access to the cam of any remote device if you have its ID and PIN.
The icon for watching and storing Store videos of different durations, watch videos later, and manage storage.

What can Remote Cam do?

Remote Cam Control is a simple video app which allows videos to be recorded and broadcast between remote iOS and Android devices, with a very wide range of uses. Use it for fun, or as an everyday video monitoring or surveillance tool. For example, keep a check on what staff at home and work (babysitter, nurse, fitter, mechanic, etc.) are doing.
  • The picture of iPhone with Remote Cam app on its screen

Where can you use Remote Cam?

Remote Cam is also a good tool for business, and can be used for:
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Remote project management;
  • Visual verification of abnormal situations;
  • Monitoring remote meetings, sessions, etc.;
  • Remote monitoring of technological processes.

How does Remote Cam work?

Nothing is easier - just:
  • Install & run Remote Cam on your device;
  • Install & run Remote Cam on second (camera) device;
  • Connect to the remote device using its ID and PIN;
  • Look through the camera of another device.
  • The picture of iPhones with Remote Cam app


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